KITABRARY — A Drive to Help Students, Dream

Engr Shayan Ahmad
5 min readJan 21, 2021


How many of you have read Taleem-o-Tarbiyat, Noor or any cultural, spiritual and religious books of any kind. Don’t you think our young generation isn’t not even aware of these awesome mind relaxing books or any other book despite proposed curriculum books. Have you noticed the difference we have as compare to this generation in regard of culture, values and respect for elders? Yes, hopefully we all do because today we only teach our children how to get grades, how to succeed in life but we forgot to share how to be respectful, responsible and think differently. To get education should be a desire, not enforcement. This is all because no one teaches them to read books to gain knowledge.

We, Mega Circle 3 of Amal Academy batch-164, have taken an initiative to bring together teachers, parents and students to promote reading. We are targeting small scale schools located in streets and colonies. Through this, we dream to motivate our future generation to be more considerate about reading and gaining knowledge despite the curriculum-based literature. We want to help students changing their imagination, ability to concentrate, think creatively and change their world view.

Business Canvas Model

Our Business Canvas Model to complete our project effectively.

KITABRARY - Business Canvas Model

Strategies to Reach our Goal

  1. At first, our group decided to establish libraries in Govt. Schools. But as per guidance/instructions from our PM (Ma’am Rabeeaa) and PA (Ma’am Zarafshan), we decided to hit small scale schools located in streets and colonies.
  2. Second, our most important task was to collect books for students ranging from 6 to 16 years. We decided to contact different non-profit organizations like Alif Laila Book Society to provide us books for this social cause.
  3. We planned to reach out students and people who want to donate books through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  4. Also, we brainstormed that we should get some donations to compensate the expenditures required to complete our goal.

Tasks to complete

  1. To establish libraries in 3 to 5 schools. (Deadline: 31 January)
  2. To collect as many books as possible to establish libraries in the targeted schools.
  3. To run successful social media campaigns to spread awareness.

Division of tasks between Circle Members

  1. First of all, every circle member will make efforts and contribute in collection of books through their personal means.
  2. I, Engr. Shayan Ahmad, will design any posters related to social media awareness.
  3. Taqwa, Hassan and Faisal will find schools where we can establish our Kitabrary’s libraries.
  4. Sana and Faqeeha will manage Facebook and Instagram pages for promotions.

Circle Members Contribution

→ Engr. Shayan Ahmad: I designed posters for books collection and social media awareness and contacted Alif Laila Book Society to help us establish libraries by providing us books. We are negotiating with them for now. Also, I collected some books from my friends and family circle (around 10). Hopefully, will collect more books in coming week.

Flyer for Books Collection
Flyer for Books Collection

→ Faqeeha Fatima Haq: My contribution to this mega project for initial 15 days has been that firstly, I suggested of social media platform and poster formation and tried to provide sample poster and taglines. I have written awareness post on social media platform (Facebook and Instagram pages) and received appreciation for my work and through that I have been able to collect 50 books so far. Moreover, I have contacted with Asma Afzal as she is willing to donate Noor magazine for children and soon she will also be sending the books to whom she will be feasible. So far I have done 4 5 posts and contacted around 50 people via WhatsApp. Asked friends and family for their support and help. Following were my friends who helped with donating books;

  1. Miss Rabia (15 books)
  2. Mr. Hafiz Umer (10 books)
  3. Miss Alina (10 books)
  4. Mrs. Almas (05 books)
  5. Mr. Zaheer (10 books)
Some of the books collected

→ Taqwa Ahmad: My main task is to hunt down schools to establish libraries. Till now I have contacted with almost 3 schools. 1 school has agreed and gave us permission and other 2 schools are on my pending list. Hopefully 1 of these 2 schools will also agree on giving us permission. Following are the schools I have contacted;

1. Knowledge Paradise School Chiniot (Agreed)

2. The Arqam School Chiniot (Pending)

3. Misali Zikriya School Chiniot (Pending)

I will also be contributing in collection of books (so far I have collected 5 books). Other than that, I am managing Instagram page with Sana and Faqeeha.

Instagram Page URL:

KITABRARY’S Instagram Page

→ Faisal Bhatti: I am trying to hunt down at least 1 school to establish our Kitabrary libraries. I have connected 2 school principals and waiting for their response. In addition to this, I am contacting my friends and family to donate books and I might be able to collect some donation for our project.

→ Sana Tahir: I am managing KITABRARY’S Facebook Page with Faqeeha & Taqwa and prompting awareness about our project through posts. Also, I am making efforts to collect books through my circle, till now I have collected 5 books.

Facebook Page URL:

KITABRARY’S Facebook Page

→ Hafiz Hassan: As per tasks decided in circle meeting, my responsibility is to find some schools to establish our libraries. I have contacted with 2 school’s principals to give us permission to establish Kitabrary’s libraries in their schools. 1 school has rejected my request and the other one is pending. Also, I am trying to collect some funds for our project. Hoping for the best. And, I will definitely collect some books.


We have hunt down 1 school for our Kitabrary’s library. Other 4 to 5 schools are on our pending list. Hopefully, we will be able to get permission from 3 to 4 schools in total before 31st January 2021. By now, we have collected 60 to 70 books from our personal efforts. We are expecting Alif Laila Book Society to donate us some books, they will reply to our request in next 3 to 4 days. And we are running campaign on social media platforms too, to spread awareness related to importance of book reading.