#JustStart Effort to achieve Vibration CAT-lll Certification

Engr Shayan Ahmad
1 min readDec 18, 2020


I am a Condition Monitoring Engineer with Vibration lvl-2 certification. Now, In order to accelerate my career I have decided to achieve Vibration lvl-3 Certification before Sep 2021.

I want to do this certification to enhance my knowledge related to Condition Monitoring and also advance my career exponentially.

In the past I didn’t have any strong determination to achieve this within such short time. But Amal Academy provide me that motivation.

I have divided the course as per its chapter. The book has 20 chapters and I will complete each chapter in every week. The First was introductory and included 30 pages but was very easy. But now I am determined that I can do this.


The main challenge that I faced was the time management to manage all things altogether… Job hours, Amal Project Work and then this. But I am getting a hold of all these things and learning many things. For example, making priorities, giving myself deadlines, not wasting time, etc.

In Sha Allah will complete the book and certification before Sep 2021.