Just Start Effort to Become a Leader

Engr Shayan Ahmad
3 min readDec 16, 2020


What is Leadership? Well, Amal Academy has helped us redefine the definition of Leadership and that is “To make small positive impacts on your surroundings”. Well, this new definition of leadership hits me to the core and it inspires me that I too can become a Leader in many ways.

Standout from everyone else to show Leadership

To practice leadership in our daily life, we are assigned to do a small activity in the 2nd Project Work of Amal Fellowship. So I am sharing my story of becoming a leader.

So, when I went through this project work activity, I was sitting in my room at the plant site of CPBM (Century Paper & Board Mills). And I decided to clean my bed to practice leadership (to make a positive impact). But when I looked at my bed from this perspective, I felt some guilt that what I had been doing and what I was lacking.

So my bed was very messy and there were a lot of things distributed on my left and right side. I used to sleep on this bed without making it neat & clean and without placing the things at their respective place. The idea of cleaning it and sleeping on a neat bed came to my mind several times but I ignored it. Not knowing what impact it is making on me and my surroundings (especially on people’s minds around me). I was thinking about these things when it was 02:00 am on Tuesday night. So I made up my mind to clean it the first time in the morning, before going to the office.

My Bed before cleaning

I woke up, got freshened up, and started cleaning it. I placed the things at their respective place and cleaned everything. The interesting thing is that it took only 10–15 mins to clean everything. And I learned many things from this leadership activity.

After practicing Amal Leadership

I felt gloomy after seeing my bed so neat and clean. I even sprayed a little perfume on my Blanket. And I kind of felt a sense of positive energy flowing in my body that little deeds are actually very powerful in our life.

I could have cleaned my bed after some time but would not be able to learn the lesson of making small positive impacts on our surroundings. Amal’s lesson on leadership has changed my thinking.

The Final Message

Today, I learned that for leadership we don’t need some kind of authority. We just need to take responsibility and let people follow us by getting inspiration from our small positive changes (impacts).

Again, I am thankful to Amal Academy for changing my thinking style of Leadership. Hoping to learn more and more from this Fellowship.