Dwelling on the Past: The Importance of Self-Reflection

Engr Shayan Ahmad
2 min readFeb 19, 2021


Fake it, till you make it

Getting selected in Amal Fellowship, I was very happy and enthusiastic. I was enjoying interaction with new people and trying to learn new things as it is my hobby to meet new faces. Gradually, attending the sessions each week I was getting absorbed in the batch-164. We turned into family within no time. The fellows were very supportive and motivating.

Amal charged me, to help me discover the new me

Joining Amal, I was like that I know a lot of things and I am kind of living a better life and currently fully charged. But Amal helped me reflect that there is still a room for improvement in me which I can achieve through continuous progress. So, I want myself to always charged up for continuous growth.

I joined this fellowship to the sole purpose of improving my professional skills but these 3 months made me a better human being overall. I learned many soft skills, improved my gratitude style, how to talk to girls, why taking responsibility is important and how we can do great things by #juststart psychology. I also observed that every individual has own set of skills and we should try to understand their perspective too.

Batch 164 helped me improving my communication skills by encouraging and motivating me to follow 80–20% rule.

Focusing on Amal smarter goals I am trying hard to complete my lvl-3 certification of Vibration Analysis by the end of September 2021, In Sha Allah.

So far I have discovered that people grow exponentially when provided with a positive environment. Your surroundings play a vital role on how much progress you will make. I was always looking to improve myself in anyway possible but this “Lifelong Learner” word changed my thinking altogether. I promise I will keep improving myself till the last breath.