In the world of today, everyone lives for himself/herself but I believe that true happiness lies in doing small deeds.

There was a constant phase of change that transformed me into a person who looks at things differently now, understand people better and want to learn new things more aggressively…

How many of you have read Taleem-o-Tarbiyat, Noor or any cultural, spiritual and religious books of any kind. Don’t you think our young generation isn’t not even aware of these awesome mind relaxing books or any other book despite proposed curriculum books. Have you noticed the difference we have as…

How can I track my time? How can I complete my task effectively? How to complete a task within a specific time? These are the questions that we continuously ask ourselves. But no matter how much effort we put in, we are unable to maximize our results.


Recently, I came…

What is Leadership? Well, Amal Academy has helped us redefine the definition of Leadership and that is “To make small positive impacts on your surroundings”. Well, this new definition of leadership hits me to the core and it inspires me that I too can become a Leader in many ways.

Standout from everyone else to show Leadership

Engr Shayan Ahmad

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